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Here are some opinions expressed by some of MainStream Music's clients!

Beyond the Fall has been fortunate enough to be represented by our manager Jody Cyr from MaineStream Music for the last 4 years. Her guidance and advice has been invaluable to the success of this band.

The relationship that has been formed between her and Beyond the Fall transcends just a regular business partnership. Her caring, appreciation, and respect for each and every member of this band makes everyone feel valuable and validated.

We regard her as not only our manager but as a 5th member of the band, and as part of the BTF family.

Her experience, commitment, and dedication is beyond question and we would highly, and without hesitation, recommend Jody Cyr and MaineStream Music.

Beyond the Fall looks forward to a continued and successful future under her management.

Beyond the Fall

It is always a pleasure to work with Maine Stream Music and Jody Cyr.
In an industry full of crazies, she is one of the good people!
All of my experiences with Jody have been up front, above board and positive!

Jim Roach
JJR Productions

It is always a pleasure to work with Jody Cyr, bringing great music to the Portland Maine area. Jody is the rare agent that balances professionalism with courtesy and friendliness, in a way that makes it easy to communicate and get things done. She understands the viewpoint of the venue and that makes booking shows much more pleasant all around.
I highly recommend Mainestream Music and Jody Cyr to whoever may be looking for a qualified, professional and personable agent.

Tom Rota - Booking Manager
One Longfellow Square
Portland, Maine 04101

The music industry is filled with people who know little about music or the people who create it. This is definitely not the case with Jody Cyr at MaineStream Music. Jody works tirelessly with musicians to represent their best interests while maintaining a close professional relationship with many venues throughout New England. She is single handedly responsible for rejuvenating my career in Southern Maine. She re-opened the market for me - a market that had once been a staple of mine but had become dormant - and took care to see that each opportunity was maximized. I have witnessed her do this for other bands as well, from the struggling new-comers, to established veterans.

It's a pleasure to have someone like Jody Cyr in our industry.

James Montgomery
James Montgomery Blues Band

Honesty, Caring, Pride and hard work.
One of the hardest working ladies in the business.
I'm proud to know her.
You Go Girl!!

Dave Hlubek
SRA and a founding member of Molly Hatchet

Jody Cyr is an "Honest" booking agent that says what she means and means what she says. She doesn't just book her political pets that "kiss up". She knows good music and true god given talent...

Mark Miller - Mark Miller Blues Band

Thanks for keeping us in mind and busy. For what it's worth right now you hold the distinction in our hearts and minds, by sheer personality and persistence, of being our AGENT OF CHOICE. You've made us reconsider our generalization...

Again, Thanks - Doug Clapp - Empty Head

If you are looking for top-notch entertainment without booking nightmares, today is your lucky day. Jody Cyr is one of the top and most respected entertainment "Procurement Specialists" in the business. In my past experiences, I've see her drive hundreds of miles to help a venue with production/ticketing issues and she has always been 100% protective of her buyers as well as her artists. Every time I needed to contact her, she has immediately called back, any problems that may have arisen, she has given immediate attention.

I will always recommend MAINESTREAM MUSIC to any entertainment professional....
Tom Curiale
Tour Manager/Drummer- Rick Derringer

You Can Get There From Here!

When our band Riot Act decided it was time to take their show on the road and expose their music beyond the confines of our hometown, we needed to look no further than MaineStream Music and Jody Cyr in Kennebunk, Maine. She has been instrumental in getting Riot Act high exposure gigs all over New England, and has become a valuable asset to the Riot Act family, not only as a booking agent but also as a manager and confidant. As we strive for success in the Rock-N-Roll world, it's good to know that we have Jody on our side helping us to help ourselves and make our dreams a reality.

We Love ya!
Riot Act

We have agents that promise us the world and when we get to a gig - it's not even close. What Jody Cyr of MaineStream Music says that we're getting is exactly that. She's up front and honest, and we love working with her.

Jesse James Dupree

To: Future Promoters working with MaineStream Music

Six Flags New England in Springfield, MA had the pleasure of hosting a Monster of Mock event that included live performances by three top-notch regional tribute bands - Diver Down, Back In Black, and Believer. The event was a huge sucess. The professionalism made my job easier and more rewarding and for that I want to thank the bands and their management.

Brian Davis, Promotions Manager Six Flags New England

After working untold years & miles with hundreds of agents & promoters, less than 10% have been more trouble than they're worth. Jody Cyr and her MaineStream Music have, from the very beginning, been a more than pleasant surprise! Some of our BEST shows have been done with Jody! She's honest, hardworking and does what she says. (what a concept)

Thanks Jody!
Jakson Spires & Southern Rock Allstars
( Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, The Rossington Band, Radio Tokyo, & SRA)

~ From the MaineStream Music Team ~


Thank You!!!

We Love Working With You Artists!


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